At Flow States Collective we pride ourselves on helping you access flow state in all aspects of life.

Our offerings are designed to support you and give you the tools to continue to access it in your every day life.

After all life feels easier

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Elevate your meditation practice and achieve greater focus and clarity with Flow States Collective.

Whether it be our Online Monthly meditation container, Learn to Meditate Private course, Calm For Two or our Meditation Teacher Training. We have an option that suits your needs

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Empower yourself to create the life you want with tailored mentoring.

Acquire a deeper understanding of your life with the help of private mentoring sessions and programs made available by Emma Maidment or Tyson Venables.

Receive dedicated world class guidance to enable you to be the best version of yourself.


Elevate Your Motherhood Journey: Connect and Thrive Together

The journey to and through motherhood can be daunting, nerve recking and noisy experience.

That’s why we have programs and offerings, that are designed to support you...

Every step of the way

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  • “This technique is an invaluable tool. It’s so simple and practical. I love feeling the sense of calm and grounding at the end of each meditation, which is life changing for me!” - Natalie

  • “I feel now, more than ever that if you make time to ‘go inward’ the benefits go beyond words. “ - Danielle

  • "Emma is an absolutely gem. Her meditation style makes me feel calm, safe and able to completely relax. She has a beautiful way of creating imagery during meditation that allowed me to be transported almost immediately. Would highly recommend her and Flow States Collective" - Estelle

  • "I will be eternally grateful for Emma teaching me meditation. She taught me at a time I really needed it and it benefited me in so many ways. I get up for work very early every morning and learning this practice helped ease the constant jet lag feeling. It undoubtedly gave me more energy, clarity and ability to be in the present. I couldn’t not recommend this course more!" - Polly

  • "I’d attempted different meditation modalities inc apps but just couldn’t get into it.The 3-day learn to meditate course allowed me to understand and connect with meditation in a way that I hadn’t been able to before . I can now say that I have been able to implement a daily meditation practice and I love it." - Zeina

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Elevate your skills with one of our courses or teacher trainings.

Be of service to the collective.

Better the lives of those around you


Ride the waves of the ocean, and let the peace of yoga & meditation wash over you

Our boutique Yoga, Surf and Meditation retreats are held within Australia and Bali


Move from FRICTION to flow