A Day In The Life On a Yoga, Meditation and Surf Retreat

A Day In The Life On a Yoga, Meditation and Surf Retreat

Ever wondered what it would be like to attend a retreat? 

Wonder no more my friend, I'm here to share a little sneak peak inside our signature Flow States Retreats. We've been running these retreats for 4 years now all over the country. But our favourite place to facilitate is our very own backyard, Byron Bay. 

Going on a retreat isn't like doing a few yoga classes on your holiday. It's a complete, immersive experience. 

Check out this short video of one of our Byron Bay Retreats 

Everything is taken care of from your schedule (don't worry, plenty of free time) to your food. There's no need to worry about what day it is or what you 'need' to do. You can simply drop into 'being' and go with the flow of how you feel. Everything is optional. Want to nap? Do it. Want to do ALLL the things, massages, activities, workshops? Do that too. It's like entering into a bubble where the outside world feels very very far away and you're allowed to completely relax. 

From the moment you arrive you'll be greeted by your new family. Something special happens on retreats. Without even trying bonds are formed that can't be explained. Strangers become besties in no time. There's plenty of room to retreat and have alone time too. As well as communal areas to connect and share. 

Each day there will be different Yoga and Meditation practices on offer. You can literally roll out of bed and onto your mat. No need to commute! The gift of a retreat is time, space and personal attention. Meaning that as teachers we can take you deeper than a standard public class. We can workshop things you're working on. Explore your potential and work with exactly what YOU need. There's no pressure either. Feel like laying in savasana for 90 minutes? We'll bring you a blanket! 

We like to pair our yoga with surfing or some beach time. You'll have the option of heading out for surf yourself (if you're a surfer) or a surf lesson if you're a newbie who'd like some guidance. This is of course totally optional. Some people prefer to sun-bake or swim at the beach (did I mention it's literally on your front door!) but if getting in the waves is for you then there's plenty of time to dive in! 

What would your day look like? 

Retreats are an opportunity to do exactly that, retreat. Spending time diving into life changing practices in a fun, supportive environment. Connecting with nature, yourself and others. Explore a new area and learn something new about yourself. 


It's way more than just a holiday. It's a total body and mind reset. 


Ready to retreat? Join us this May. Find out more here

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