Ever asked yourself... "WHO am I?"

Ever asked yourself... "WHO am I?"

As humans we crave to know ourselves. Often it takes us around the world on a quest to ‘find ourselves’, or on a journey of trying many different things in order to discover who you are… But I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing to be found, only remembered. The essence of who you are isn’t in the streets of Paris or buried deep in a book, it’s inside of your heart. All you have to do is remember. 

Remembering who and what you are beyond the surface layer of the mind is the key to connecting with yourself and your deepest essence. How do we remind ourselves of this? A daily practice of Meditation. 

I’ll start by prefacing that there are many styles and techniques of meditation, each with their own intentions and benefits. For the purposes of this article I’ll be referring to a transcendental style of mediation that we teach as part of Flow States Studios. This is a technique that takes you beyond the thinking mind into a place of ‘being’ through a twice daily, effortless practice.

Each and every time you sit down to meditate you are accessing the deepest part of yourself, your inner nature, your being-ness. The more regularly you make this connection the stronger it becomes. Ultimately it’s a beautiful dance of forgetting and remembering. The mind gets caught up in the drama meaning you forget and then you sit down to meditate and you are reminded. The more you meditate, the stronger the reminder and the less likely you are to forget. 

Think of it like an ocean. On the surface we have the waves. Sometimes this layer is wild and turbulent. If you put on a snorkel you’d be able to go just below the surface. Where you can still feel the waves but things feel more subtle, quieter.. Then if you ditched the snorkel and put on some scuba during gear you’d be able to dive deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean, ultimately finding a place of stillness. Now, it’s all the same ocean so just because you are in the depths doesn’t mean that the waves don’t exist, you’re just not placing your attention on them directly. Over time you become able to hold this awareness of the depths (being) whilst navigating the waves with more ease. This is ultimately a life in flow. A life where you are living in connection with your being-ness as a humanBEING rather than a humanDOING. 

The best way to establish your connecting with being is to learn a technique you can practice every day without reliance on an app, class or teacher. You’ll find our signature meditation course details here.

The answers you seek are never outside of yourself, they are always within. Sometimes you just need a technique that serves as a reminder. 


Em xo

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