How Becoming A Meditation Teacher Changed My Life

How Becoming A Meditation Teacher Changed My Life

When I first started practising yoga 17 years ago I despised savasana and meditation. I’d basically sit there rolling my eyes (of course they were closed so no one could see) for that part of the class.  This went on for many, many years. 

It wasn’t until I became extremely unwell that things began to change. Suddenly I physically couldn’t do yoga in the way I previously had and I was left with meditation. There was still some resistance… But when my health wasn’t improving I started to look into stress and the effects it has over the entire body. I was blown away. And what’s one of the most effective remedies for stress? Meditation. I decided to work through my resistance and give it a go. 

I dabbled in many many styles. Sat with monks in Burma, Thailand and India. Downloaded every app under the sun. Went to different classes until finally I found my path, my teachers and a practice that works for me. Now, I enjoy many styles of meditation and use them for different times in my life depending on what i'm working with. 

It’s become a daily non-negotiable practice for me and something that’s totally changed my life for the better. My hormones balanced, my acne cleared up and I started to heal deeply some of the wounds I’d been burying under my business. There’s so much wisdom to be found in silence. 

After many years of practice I decided I wanted to dive deeper. 

At this point I was an established Yoga teacher and would lead short meditations before and after class, but honestly, I didn’t really know what I was doing. In Yoga Teacher training meditation is something that’s brushed over and not explored in depth. 

There’s an assumption that just because you’re a Yoga Teacher you also know how to guide a safe, supportive and effective meditation practice. 

Studying Meditation and becoming a Meditation Teacher has been game changing. 

I’ve learnt the importance of leading safe meditations. I cannot tell you the amount of meditations I’ve attended over the years that left myself and others feeling unsafe. Leading someone through a Meditation requires energetic knowledge and energetic hygiene. You can open portals you might not want to open or leave someone stuck between worlds. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Damage can be done if there is a lack of education and understanding. 

Becoming a Meditation Teacher opened me up to a whole new world of being able to share what I love. I felt confident guiding groups and individuals. And honestly, truly changing lives. 

I've worked with terminally ill students helping them to release fears and discover fear in the unbounded pure consciousness field. I've presented at festivals, events and corporate retreats. I've built an online business around my family life and I get to do something that is having a huge impact on one of the biggest epidemics facing our world today, stress. 

Becoming a Meditation Teacher lead me on a path of embodied leadership. One that has had a huge impact on all areas of my life. 

I'm really excited to announce that the doors are now open to apply for our Flow States Meditation Teacher Training Program.  A first of it's kind offering that teaches you how to become a safe, knowledgable and embodied mediation teacher. Capable of leading groups and individuals through an experience of meditation. Find out more here. 

-Emma xo 

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