How To Lift Your Mood Naturally - Be Your Own Happy Pill

How To Lift Your Mood Naturally - Be Your Own Happy Pill

Feeling a bit flat? Here's 2 scientifically proven ways to boost your mood naturally. Without the need of stimulants (although we do love a good coffee;)) 

Elevate your happiness levels and experiencing more joy in your day to day life with these 3 simple steps.

Here's 3 ways you can lift your mood naturally:

1. Pump The Tunes 

Music is a known mood lifter. It's been proven that listening to music music with a major (rather than minor) tone lowers stress and creates feelings of happiness! We are made up of over 70% water and water is the greatest conductor of sound. Which is why music can have such a big affect on your mood. Create a playlist of your favourite upbeat songs and turn it up LOUD on the days that you need a little boost. 

2. Move Your Body 

Moving your body is a proven way to bring happiness and joy into your life. Movements like Yoga or Thai chi are a way to physically and energetically shift prana (life force). Unprocessed emotions can get stuck in the body and will manifest into physical ailments. Moving your body removes these blockages and creates a free flow of energy. Think of it like sweeping out your house, physically moving clears out the cobwebs. If yoga ain’t your thing, give shaking a try.

3. Try Meditation 

 It's no surprise that this is my go to (I'm a meditation teacher after-all) but it truly works! You might think of meditation as more of a stress management tool (which is it) but it's also known to boost happiness! Research shows that regular meditation can lead to greater levels of happiness. Even just ONE MINUTE a day can increase your happiness levels.  

Meditation reminds you that you are in control of your experience. It gives you the tools to shirt your perspective and thus choose JOY! 


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