The Difference Between Guided Meditations and Having Your Own Practice

The Difference Between Guided Meditations and Having Your Own Practice

What’s the difference between using guided meditations and having your own practice?

It’s a question we get asked all the time. 

There’s SO many different styles of meditation it can be hard to know where to start, what’s best and what even is the difference between them all! 

Any meditation is better than no meditation at all. However, if you are looking to gain the long term benefits of meditation, consistency is key. 

A guided meditation here and there won’t give you the list of benefits you’ve read and heard so much about. The benefits of meditation including; stress management, nervous system regulation, enhanced creativity, better sleep, higher sex drive, better clarity and focus, greater happiness and wellbeing, increased energy and vitality, greater self awareness and presence with yourself and others AND SO MUCH MORE… are only gained with regular daily practice. 

All of the beautiful benefits of meditation are available to you by simply sitting down each day to practise. It’s through this consistency, dedication and devotion to the process that you will begin to notice your life start to flow. By sitting and connecting to being you are able to unlock your innate intelligence and wisdom allowing it to flow through you. 

So, are guided meditations worth it? 

Absolutely, YES! They are an amazing place for most people to start as they are so readily available and a great way to dabble in a variety of styles. We personally offer an entire library of guided meditation as well as Meditation Containers based around different themes to support you. 

We LOVE guided meditations. We use them to move through different challenges in life. To honour different seasons, clear energy and regulate our nervous systems. We regularly ‘prescribe’ specific guided practices in our courses and 1:1 mentoring sessions to help people move through specific emotions or achieve desired outcomes. 

Guided meditations are a lot like supplements. They are amazing at helping you address a specific goal or aspect of life that needs a boost. Supplements, as you know, aren’t designed to be taken every day for eternity. They serve a purpose and we see guided practices as the same. 

Ideally we want to have an established baseline of being and add the guided practices on top, like additional supplementation on top of a healthy diet. 

What does a personal practice of meditation look like? 

Having your own personal practice of meditation means you know how to ‘do’ a technique independent of a recording or teacher guiding you. It means you are a self sufficient meditator who can meditate anywhere, anytime without devices. 

The technique that we teach inside of our 3 Day Learn To Meditate Course equips you with a mantra based practice designed to connect you to ‘being’ each and every day. From ‘being’ all creation flows. Accessing this place inside of yourself each day is not only incredible for relieving stress and allowing the nervous system to reset, but it also gives you access to your inner well of wisdom. You connect to your inner knowing in a way that allows it to flow through you into your everyday ‘eyes open’ experience of life. 

It’s the simplest, easiest form of meditation we’ve found and personally I’ve (Emma here) been practising it for over 10 years now. It completely changed my life. 

Having your own practice means you can be consistent with meditating each and every day. It removes the barrier of needing a device and it proven to have a positive impact on every aspect of your health and wellbeing. 

Whether a guided practice or your own practice calls you. We are here to support you every step of the way. 

Our courses, containers, mentorships and training are all deeply rooted in meditation. Understanding how to control your mind so that it doesn’t control you is the secret ingredient to a life in flow. 

Curious? Learn to meditate with us and watch as life begins to happen FOR you.

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