What Does It Mean To Thrive In Motherhood?

What Does It Mean To Thrive In Motherhood?

To thrive as a Mother doesn’t mean you have the perfect house with clean floors, an immaculate kitchen and matching bento box lunches. 

Those things might happen if you’re a particularly organised and tidy person by nature… but it’s not an indicator of Thriving. 

Thriving as a Mother means not sacrificing yourself to Motherhood. Recognising that you are the heartbeat of your home and your needs are important. Nourishing yourself in simple, manageable and sustainable ways each day helps you regulate. So that the demands of Motherhood and life don’t swallow you whole. To Thrive in Motherhood is to honour yourself whilst softening to the season of life you are in. 

Thriving as a Mother means prioritising your needs in a realistic way and taking responsibility for fulfilling them. That might mean having hard conversations with your partner, asking for help, getting clear on WHAT you actually need and learning how to nurture your nervous system so you can meet the demands of motherhood (and modern life) from a place of response, not reaction. Learning to say ‘no’ and set healthy boundaries. Learning to trust your intuition and ‘knowing’ above all else. 

When you’re Thriving in Motherhood you’re in flow each day. That doesn’t mean life's a breeze, your children never say ‘NO’, your day always goes to plan and nothing ruffles your feathers. The ocean itself  isn’t always calm and still. It means you have the tools to navigate the waves with ease. That your cup is full enough that you can give a little more on the days that require more of you and take the moments to replenish on the days where there’s more space. . 

It’s the small, simple things you do each day to model self love and self care to your children that have an impact. If you sacrifice yourself to your children, your family, your partner and your job in the long run you’re only creating resentment and unhappiness. Would you want that life for your children? Sacrifice and surrender are very different things. You can surrender your preference of 1 hour of yoga for a quick 20 minute flow while the kids are playing, but you don’t sacrifice your needs entirely. 

It’s not an ‘insta perfect’ situation. Often it’s 10 minutes here and there. But it’s consistent because you know that you matter. 

The underlying intention is you honouring that motherhood isn’t about sacrifice that leads to resentment. It’s a portal for growth. Growth takes effort, energy and showing up. All of which is made more easeful when your nervous system is able to rest and regulate. 

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