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Empower yourself with the amazing tools of a meditation teacher to effectively guide meditation students in regular practice

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The Flow States Method

There's many ways to meditate. There's also many ways to teach meditation

Finding the most effective way to teach students to meditate is a skill unto itself. That's why we have created The Flow States Method.

A method that allows the teacher to create their own "voice", based on their personal preference meditation. Giving them the tools to be empowered in delivering a potent meditation experience for their meditation students.

Our method encompasses The Flow States 7. Seven principles and steps to successfully create a deep, safe and connected meditation journey for everyone.

Course Outline

The teacher training will be take place over 12 weeks.

All content and contact will be online

Encompassing 6 Modules of course content

6 fortnightly group calls which will have a practical component to each call

Empowering each teacher with the ability to successfully and confidently teach a live class by the end of the course

Opportunity to have their meditations a part of the Flow States Monthly Meditation Container

Each cohort is limited to 14 students


Module 1

  • The history and philosophy of meditation
  • How meditation works - the 101 science of meditation - understanding brain waves and hormonal responses 
  • Discover different techniques / methods and find your style
  • The Flow States Collective Teaching Methodology, Philosophy and Values

Module 2

  • Discover different techniques / methods and find your style
  • Our Method - The Seven Steps
  • Dissecting the 7 steps and practising writing a script
  • Your first delivery of a meditation to group with feedback

Module 3

  • Understanding the physiology, psychology and neuroscience of meditation 
  • The impact of meditation on behaviour and cognitive functioning 
  • Understanding Stress 
  • Understanding The Nervous system
  • Understanding Yourself

Module 4

  • Finding your authentic voice and style
  • Holding space
  • Energetic hygiene
  • How to structure group and individual sessions.
  • Practice teaching and receiving feedback

Module 5

  • The business of Meditation
  • Creating a personal brand
  • How to get out there with confidence as YOURSELF

Module 6

  • Meditation teacher ethics and code of conduct
  • Refining your delivery as a teacher
  • Ethical responsibilities including confidentiality, legalities, insurance, membership with professional bodies, and referrals to and from health and mental health practitioners.
  • Introductory understanding of the physiology, psychology and neuroscience of meditation, including brain functioning, and the impact of meditation on behaviour and cognitive functioning.


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