Tyson has acquired a broad range of skills through out his life which has equipped him with the knowledge and expertise to help you unlock your highest potential and set you free.

You truly can do what ever you want to do....

If you believe you can

Personal Development Coaching




Gain knowledge on what makes you tick. Get centred and established in your values.

Devise a plan to create freedom and change in your life.
Changes that are risk mitigated. That are in alignment with your heart and intuition.

The road to success is not easy. However with someone on your side showing you the way. Getting the most out of you.



I recommend the 6 month coaching mentorship as we can really begin to get the best out of the program. However if you don't see value in going for 6 months a 3 month option is available

Included in this coaching mentorship

1 x 45min accountability call a fortnight,

1 x 60min monthly call

On-going support and guidance through voice messaging and email.

Program designed specifically for the client's unique roadmap.

Access to other offerings applicable to your personal roadmap.

Your investment is:

3 month = $4500

6 month = $8000

payment plans available upon successful application

BONUS Extra Value Pack

Private Meditation course ($800 Value)

On going access to the Flow States Collective applicable library of resources (12months $900 value)

12 months access to meditation membership ($180 Value)

30 Day meditation ebook journal (not available to public $50 Value)

6 week total body strength ebook (not available to public $150 Value)

3 Day Recharge and reset your nervous system recipe ebook ($90 Value)

1 x Initial Kinesiology appointment with A held Space - Georgia Fish ($150 Value)

Total added value of $2320


One off Deep Dive: $500

+ 90 minute zoom session .

+ 3 month Access to Flow States Collective Meditation Containers.

To begin your mentoring journey book in for the initial consultation.

Upon completing the application questionnaire. We will schedule a time for the call.

About Me

Hey there, I'm Tyson Venables, your go-to mentor in health, wellness, and business. But let's get real – my journey to becoming a mentor wasn't all smooth sailing.

With over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, I've immersed myself in the art of unleashing the human body's highest potential. As a qualified Personal Trainer, Cross Fit Coach, and yoga and meditation teacher, my approach to movement is holistic, tailored to meet each individual's unique needs.

But here's where it gets exciting – I also specialise in working with corporate groups, both small and large. By integrating meditation, mindset practices, and core values alignment, I empower teams to thrive and excel in the fast-paced business world. Here are some benefits you can expect from working with me:

  1. Enhanced Productivity: By cultivating a mindful and focused mindset, your team will experience increased productivity and efficiency, allowing them to tackle challenges with clarity and purpose.
  2. Improved Well-being: Through meditation and wellness practices, I help individuals manage stress, improve resilience, and foster a positive work-life balance, leading to greater overall well-being and satisfaction.
  3. Team Cohesion: By aligning values and creating a shared sense of purpose, I facilitate stronger connections and collaboration within your team, fostering a positive and supportive work culture.
  4. Mental Clarity: Through mindset practices and mindfulness techniques, I equip individuals with the tools to overcome obstacles, make sound decisions, and maintain mental clarity even in high-pressure situations.

Beyond the corporate realm, I've got a burning passion for mental health. After dealing with long term family mental health issues, in 2008 I attempted to take my life after excessive periods of substance abuse. So this is why I have a special focus on men's well-being.

That's why I created The Mindful Man Project podcast.

My mission?

To show guys that fitness, yoga, and meditation can be powerful tools to navigate life's stresses, helping them sidestep the pitfalls of depression and substance abuse.

Now, when I'm not busy working up a sweat, flowing through a yoga practice, or finding BEING through meditation, you'll likely spot me chasing sunshine and waves down the coast.

Yep, I'm a true beach enthusiast.

Oh, and did I mention I'm a whiz in the kitchen? Cooking up a storm is my secret ingredient to finding flow in my daily life.

Join me on my journey towards holistic wellness, whether it's for personal growth or empowering your corporate team.

Follow my adventures on Instagram: @themeditationmentor.

Together, let's unlock your full potential, create a life of balance, strength, and joy, and revolutionise the way we approach health and well-being in your world

Ready to dive in? Let's do this!