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Dads operating outside of the norm webinar, Q+A

Dads operating outside of the norm webinar, Q+A

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Supporting Dads: Navigating Home Birth with Confidence

This is an interactive Q+A webinar hosted by Tyson Venables for first time or existing dad's who are choosing to have pre and post natal care outside of the hospital system

Learn how to empower yourself as a partner and future father.

Learn techniques you can utilise throughout the process of labour

Learn how to advocate for your partner in the event of transfer to the hospital system.

Acquire the knowledge on how to show up as a present partner through out the whole journey (conception to fatherhood)

Gain access to a community of like minded men who are on the same path as you.  

Join Tyson Venables, father of one with another on the way. Tyson is a Meditation and holisitic lifestyle coach. Tyson has been through a huge learning period over the years it took to get to becoming a dad. He wanted to be as well equipped for the journey to fatherhood as possible and this began prior to even meeting Emma his partner. Finding there were options outside of the hospital system that aligned with his views, it was a no brainer when he met Emma and their views were shared. 

This is not always the case with partners, so it's vital to be on the same page as you begin the journey together into parenthood.

You will leave the webinar equipped with the tools, discussion pieces and empowered into knowing your role as a male  and father before, during and after the birthing process


22 March 2023 @ 8:00pm AEDT

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