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Premium Membership


Discover the full potential of your life with our Premium Membership! Unlock our entire catalogue of resources and tap into a global community of like-minded creatives. Connect with 1:1 mentoring calls and expert voices in the field for accountability and growth.

Take your learning journey to the next level with Flow States Premium Membership. Benefit from exclusive access to expert-led masterclasses, courses, and meditation containers, designed to help you reach your goals faster. 

Experience a life free from stress and despair - with Premium Membership, you can find direction and clarity like never before. Enjoy reducing anxiety and gaining confidence in daily life with this transformative program. Start living your best life today!

Recurring Monthly PaymentsBilled on a 28 day cycle
Monthly Call with Team memberYes
Access over 300 guided meditationsYes
Exclusive member discounts for platinum offeringsYes
Access All Content *except teacher trainings, mentoring, Platinum courses

Membership at this price for the first 100 members. Don't miss locking in your lifetime monthly price

Regular price after first 100 members $155 month

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the same patterns?

It's time to break free and unlock your full potential! With Flow States Collective's premium membership, you'll gain exclusive access to a transformative journey that will revolutionise your life.

Imagine having a supportive community of like-minded individuals, expert guidance from top mentors, and a wealth of life-changing content at your fingertips.

Our premium membership is the key to unlocking your flow state, where inspiration, clarity, and personal growth converge.
Say goodbye to stress and hello to a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Join us today and embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Don't settle for mediocrity when you can experience extraordinary results!

Flow States Collective's premium membership is your passport to a life of unlimited possibilities. Unleash your inner potential and watch as your dreams turn into reality.

Our comprehensive library of exclusive content will equip you with the tools, techniques, and insights to overcome challenges, cultivate mindfulness, and achieve your goals with unwavering focus.

Surround yourself with a vibrant community of driven individuals who will inspire and uplift you on your journey to greatness. It's time to take control of your destiny and tap into the immense power within you.

Join our premium membership today and experience the profound impact it will have on every aspect of your life.

Your transformation starts now.

Access To Premium Content

Access to our individual programs 
Every fitness program written by Tyson
Yoga and Meditation classes
Parenting Masterclasses
Masterclasses for investing and business
Want something else? Join the community and ask for it to be added.

Access A Global Community 

Create relationships with like minded, influential people globally. Foster growth through accountability in a group environment

Call with one of the founders

Stay on track with regular 30min monthly calls with one of our founders. Discuss, unpack and devise a road towards your deepest desires 

Access To Webinars and Live Calls

Catch up with all webinars and live calls right on the dashboard. Don't pay extra for these

Guided Meditations

  • Meditations ranging from 5mins to 20mins
  • Guided by qualified meditation teachers
  • Relaxation, Mindfulness, Nature and energetic meditations
  • Access deeper states of awareness, connectedness to yourself
emma maidment guided meditations

Full Access To Courses

Choose from our seperate offerings. All as a part of your membership.
For no added cost

  • Flow Baby prenatal yoga series (Valued at $85)
  • Calm For Two (Valued at $79)
  • 6 week "From The Ground To Moon" Crypto Course for beginners (Valued at $250)
  • Dad's Operating Outside of The Norm - Homebirthing Webinar (Valued at $60)
  • The Thriving Mama Library - The complete collection of meditations, yoga nidras, movement, yoga and breath work. (Valued at $200)
  • Monthly Meditation Containers - (Valued at $55)
  • Plus more as they are added
Don't Wait To Sign Up

Full Access To All Masterclasses
At No Extra Cost

Upcoming Masterclasses

  • May - Navigating relationship changes as parents - $25 early bird $50 (Both) Wed 31st 8pm AEST
  • June - Values based living - $25 early bird $50 (Emma) Wed 28th 8pm AEST
  • July - Crypto Currency 101 - $25 early bird $50 (Tyson) Wed 26th 8pm AEST
  • August - Encouraging your partner to do the work $25 early bird $50 (Tyson) Wed 30th 8pm AEST
  • September - Finding true connection with your partner - $25 early bird $50 (Both) Wed 27th 8pm AEST
  • October - Investing in precious metals - $25 early bird $50 (Tyson) Wed 25th 8pm AEDT
  • November - Entry level trading technical analysis -$25 early bird $50 (Tyson) Wed AEDT

It was important to consciously take time out and focus on moving my body. It helped keep my body and mind centred throughout my pregnancy and alievitate anxiety.

Nicola - Sunshine Coast QLD

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Worldwide Community

Access a global community with our online group chat and forums

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Cancel anytime. 
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