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The Thriving Mama Club - 28 Day Challenge

The Thriving Mama Club - 28 Day Challenge

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If you don't want to wake up one day, completely lost in motherhood, exhausted, depleted with resentment creeping in.. then this is the challenge for you.

Step out of the "I don't have time" mindset and learn tools to help you thrive in motherhood, not just survive. 

The Thriving Mama Club is a 28 day challenge.

You'll have access to a library of Meditations, short and sweet Yoga classes, rituals and practices you can do each day to re-connect to yourself and nurture your nervous system. 

All practices will be designed for Mums. Meaning they can be done in 20 minutes or less! 

Once you join the challenge you'll be given lifetime access to The Village - a private online community filled with Mamas just like you, dedicating time to their own self-care and growth.

The group features LIVE meditations, bonus mindfulness tips and tricks for motherhood from our co-founder Emma Maidment. 

You CAN make time for yourself and watch how your self care practice (for as little as 10 mins a day) has a positive ripple effect over your entire families. 

See the value in creating a practice and support network of other thriving mothers. 

No matter what stage of the journey you're on.

Ready to thrive?

Time to dive in, Mama. 

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Meet The Teacher: Emma Maidment

Emma is a renowned yoga and meditation teacher known for her empowering and uplifting manner of educating, writing, and speaking. She has been teaching for over 10 years and practicing for over 17. She aims to share powerful tools and techniques to help individuals’ reach their highest potential.

Emma writes regularly for the media, speaks at events and facilitates corporate workshops sharing all things yoga, meditation and wellness. 

She is a passionate community leader, creator, and intuitive facilitator. After going through her own health challenges and underlying hormonal imbalance (PCO) and becoming a Mumma herself Emma is passionate about helping women discover their inner strength and connect to the innate wisdom of the feminine. She truly believes that everyone has the capacity to heal and experience life to its fullest potential. 

She has a deep passion for teaching Prenatal Yoga as not only a beautiful way to move during pregnancy, but a powerful way to shift your mindset towards labor, birth and motherhood.

You can listen to Emma's Birth Story on The Flow Lane Podcast

Or follow along on socials @emmamaidment_