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The Thriving Mama Mentorship

The Thriving Mama Mentorship

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The Thriving Mama Mentorship


LIVE 6 week course container with Emma Maidment for mamas and mamas-to-be who want to redefine motherhood. 

Being a Mother does not mean you have to sacrifice yourself to Motherhood. 

Many women are caught in the loop of believing that in order to be a good mother, they need to sacrifice everything for their children, completely over-giving and wearing themselves out in the process.

When you’re able to see Motherhood as a portal for growth, your perspective shifts. The challenging days (and nights) become intensives in learning about deeper aspects of yourself.

It’s possible to feel regulated, grounded and centred as a mother. It’s possible to create your own story of how you want your experience of motherhood to be. It’s possible to learn how to respond rather than react. 

All of this is possible when you’re able to INTEGRATE nervous system regulation techniques, with a TOOL KIT for meeting your shadow and a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY around you.

This is HOW to write your own Motherhood script.

The Thriving Mama Mentorship is a 6 week LIVE group coaching container.

You will come together with like-minded Mama’s to become the mother you want to be, not necessarily the mothers you learnt from. To walk the path you feel is right for your family, not because someone told you to, but because you know it to be true. 

This container is designed to awaken the Mother goddess within. Through powerful group sessions and practices you will unhook from what is holding you back from being what you innately are; a Thriving Mama. 

You will walk away from this container with:

  • An understanding of your nervous system, how to regulate it and why it’s important for your life. 
  • A deep understanding of the spiritual significance of childbirth and the transition from Maiden to Mother (relevant no matter what season of motherhood you’re in).
  • A deep understanding of Matressence and its significance to your experience.  
  • Techniques you can use as you embark on this deeply transformative journey. 
  • Practices that are accessible to implement in your day-to-day life.
  • A self-care tool kit that goes beyond a bubble bath.
  • Access to The Thriving Mama Club Library - a collection of self care practices (meditations, yoga, breathwork) 
  • A like-minded community of Mothers to share the journey with. 
  • Ongoing support as you begin to thrive in Motherhood. 
  • Access to me during the course via a private group as well as being in connection with other mothers walking the path beside you.

Meet The Teacher: Emma Maidment


Emma is a renowned yoga and meditation teacher known for her empowering and uplifting manner of educating, writing, and speaking. She shares powerful tools and techniques to help individuals’ reach their highest potential.

Emma writes regularly for the media, speaks at events and facilitates corporate workshops sharing all things yoga, meditation and wellness. 

She is a passionate community leader, creator, and intuitive facilitator. After going through her own health challenges and underlying hormonal imbalance (PCO) and becoming a Mumma herself Emma is passionate about helping women discover their inner strength and connect to the innate wisdom of the feminine. She truly believes that everyone has the capacity to heal and experience life to its fullest potential. 

You can listen to Emma's Birth Story on The Flow Lane Podcast

Time to stop surviving and start THRIVING

They say postpartum is the first 6 weeks after a baby is born… but really postpartum is forever. There’s so much emphasis placed on birth preparation (rightly so) but very little education around the transformative journey of becoming a Mother and truly embodying this. . This right of passage opens when you birth your child and continues throughout the first year and beyond. 

It was a time that was once revered, celebrated and honored and is now diminished, forgotten about and swept aside. Women are told to get back to work, get back to their bodies and get on with life. But what we are not told is the power and potential of truly embodying mother. It’s a super power when you know how to use it! 

In this 6 week LIVE course you will be taken on a journey to yourself. Through powerful guided practices you will be called inwards to unlock the Mother you desire to be. 

Who is this course for?

  • This is for you, the Mother who believes there’s a different way of motherhood.
  • This is for you, the mother who doesn’t want to wake up in 20 years filled with resentment towards her children, partner and life. 
  • This is for you, the woman floating somewhere between who she was and who she is becoming. 
  • This is for you, the mother who knows there’s a different way to do things 
  • Together we will explore self care and self love beyond a bubble bath. 
  • Find the beauty in the mediocre. The joy in the mundane and powerfully claim this right of passage in your life. 
  • You do not have to lose yourself to motherhood. Instead you will unlock a more powerful, capable version of yourself. 

What’s included in your enrolment?

  • 6 week course content
  • Live group calls with Emma
  • Guided meditations + rituals
  • Access to a private online community
  • Access to The Thriving Mama Library. Filled with movement, yoga, meditations and breath-work practices. 

We begin October 23rd @ 8.00pm AEST

Early Bird : $595
Full Price Investment: $795

Investing in yourself, your growth and the future of your child is powerful. By simply showing up you are unhooking from codes of unworthiness and ‘enoughness’. Investing in your wellbeing, self-care and growth does not make you a selfish mother. It makes you a better one. 

We have created a truly accessible payment plan option to make this achievable for all budgets.

In the event you are not completely satisfied and have not taken something away from the mentorship we offer a complete money back guarantee. This is how confident we are that you will begin to thrive as a woman, mother, and future grandmother

Together we rise.

Join now and take the drivers seat for your experience of life

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