Healthy Potato Salad Recipe (that's good for your gut!)

Healthy Potato Salad Recipe (that's good for your gut!)

A Potato salad recipe, but make it healthy, creamy, protein packed and delicious! 

This recipe packs a flavour punch and is full of nutritious ingredients. No nasty seed oil mayo here! It's super simple to make. Once you've cooked the potatoes you're looking at a grand total of 5 minutes cooking time. 

We love this as a side with a summer BBQ.

It features our all time favourite bone broth sauce. Which makes literally everything taste better. PLUS it's loaded with bone broth and turmeric - happy days for your gut! 


Healthy Potato Salad Recipe (that's good for your gut!) 


4 Cups of Cubed Cooked Potatoes (about 8 full potatoes in total) 

1/4 Red Onion 

Generous Handful Of Dill 

1 Spring Onion

2 Boiled Eggs

1/3 Cup Gevity Bone broth Sauce - Total Tummy Turmeric 

1 tsp ACV

1 tsp Seeded Mustard

Celtic salt



1. Cook potatoes in simmering salted water. Then drain water and allow potatoes to cool before chopping them into large cubes. 

2. This is a bonus step.. We personally don't love raw onion so I diced it and cooked it before adding. If you're a raw onion lover you could skip this step. 

3. Cut up shalot, dice the dill and add all remaining ingredients to a large bowl and mix through. 

4. Taste. Remember, use your instincts if it needs more of something, add it! 

5. Eat and ENJOY! 

Optional Extra: This would also be great with some bacon added if you have it on hand. 

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