How To Set Healthy Boundaries

How To Set Healthy Boundaries

"How do I set healthy boundaries?" It's a question that we get asked all the time. Boundaries can be difficult to navigate. As humans tend to avoid conflict and quite often, stating your boundary can cause a moment of conflict or awkwardness. However communicating your needs in a powerful way to find flow in your life. If you're continually bending and compromising for others you're not living in alignment. 


Here's our tips for setting healthy boundaries: 

  1. Get clear within your self FIRST
  2. Identifying where the issue stems from within YOU. Is it based on your past experience? What story does it aggravate within you so you can take full responsibility for your role and contribution to in the situation.
  3. THEN, once you’re clear where it’s come from you can communicate what you need from a place of love and clarity without being overly emotionally involved nor impacted by the response.
  4. Communicating from a place of love with no aggression or annoyance will lead to a more positive outcome long term. Which usually means it’s not something bring up in the heat of the moment initially as emotions tend to be heightened. Take time to regulate and reflect first. Then, pick a time and environment that feels right. 
  5. Practice a heart space meditation before you have the conversation. It will keep you connected to your heart. Remember, love is soft and compassionate but it's also fierce and strong. 

Happy boundary setting! May you experience the true liberation that comes from expressing your needs and holding healthy boundaries with others. 

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