Free Your Mind Meditation Course

3 sessions to freedom of mind

If you’ve always told yourself that you can’t meditate as you are too restless and can’t quieten your mind….

This technique is for you.

It’s easy to learn and effortless to practice.

“This technique is an invaluable tool. It’s so simple and practical. I love feeling the sense of calm and grounding at the end of each meditation, which is life changing for me!” - Natalie

Guided meditations are great, apps are fine but the real power and potency comes from learning from an experienced teacher. Who can guide you on this journey and equip you with the skills to become a self sufficient meditator


You have lifetime access to that teacher to support your daily practice.

More than ever, the effects of stress and anxiety are presenting themselves.

❌ Sleepless nights

❌ Lack of clarity

❌ Low energy

❌ Reacting to situations

These are all by-products of life. We know, we’ve been there.

This mantra based technique is a proven and powerful technique to help you reconnect and take the power back from your wandering mind and limiting beliefs.

About the course:

Taught over 3 consecutive sessions our Free Your Mind Meditation Course is an easy to implement technique that will take you from reactive, stressed and overwhelmed.

To responsive, intuitive and free of outside stressors.

By taking this course you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and on going support to become a self sufficient meditator. No need to rely on an app or a class, you will have your own daily practice that you can do anywhere!

This meditation technique assists you in:

✅ Reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue

✅ Increase energy and vitality

✅ Better clarity and focus of mind

✅ Improves your relationships (self and others)

✅ Greater happiness and wellbeing

✅ Unlocks your inner guide

✅ Enhances creativity

✅ Better sleep

✅ Nervous system down regulation

✅ Taking control of your thoughts

“I feel now, more than ever that if you make time to ‘go inward’ the benefits go beyond words. “ - Danielle

This technique is great for beginners and seasoned meditators


3 x consecutive 50 minute sessions with Emma and/or Tyson in a private course via zoom.

Lifetime access to Emma and Tyson for ongoing Q&A and support

Ongoing access to our group meditations

Discounted admission to live in person events and retreats


3 x 1:1 Private 30 minute follow up (with Emma or Tyson) valued at $500

Flow States Digital Meditation Journal (valued at $50)
Nervous System Reset Recipe Book (valued at $50 not available to general public)

$600 ADDED BONUS value


Private Couples Course: $800 per couple

Private 1:1 Course: $689 per person

Small Group Course: $485 per person

Next Group Course:

Friday 15th September @ 7:30pm AEST

Saturday 16th September @7:30pm AEST

Sunday 17th September @ 7:30pm AEST

Flow States Meditation Teacher Training

There's many ways to meditate. There's also many ways to teach meditation

Finding the most effective way to teach students to meditate is a skill unto itself. That's why we have created The Flow States Method.

A method that allows the teacher to create their own "voice", based on their personal preference meditation. Giving them the tools to be empowered in delivering a potent meditation experience for their meditation students.

Our method encompasses The Flow States 7.

Seven principles and steps to successfully create a deep, safe and connected meditation journey for everyone.